Russia takes advantage of EU financial disaster to offer Greece to be able to defect

Many analysts and European political leaders are only now digesting the ramifications of Thursday's move by Switzerland to de-peg their currency in the Euro, and what it means going forward through out Europe that has now seen one central bank refusing to travel lock-step while using ECB of their desire to have a course of Quantitative Easing. But while nations like Germany, Britain, and France require a long critical look at having to endure an environment of massive money printing, over in Russia they may be seeing this turmoil as an opportunity to utilize this economic crisis to put a crack inside EU coalition as on Jan. 16 the Eurasian power offered the beleaguered nation of Greece an easy method out of their own financial straits if they voluntarily leave the EU and to stay while using new Eurasian Economic Union.
Greece, in addition to several other European countries known inside the financial world as the PIIGS (Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, Greece, and Spain), are actually at the heart in the financial issues that have plagued the European Union since credit crisis of 2008. And even after a number of bailouts with the ECB and IMF within the last 5 years, Greece still remains having problems having a debt to GDP ratio close to 200%.
Interestingly enough, why this offer incredibly enticing for Greece is due to a closed meeting that occurred on Friday relating to the head of the European Central Bank and leaders in Germany where discussion on the quantitative easing and bond buying program from the ECB may not include bonds or toxic assets from Greece. This naturally would leave the Southern European nation unchanged, with financial conditions that are leading citizens to engage in numerous bank runs in the last a few days.
Economic sanctions from the U.S. against Russia are creating plenty of collateral damage in Europe, with layoffs and shutdowns occurring in industries like agriculture. Additionally, Germany's powerful business union has put immense pressure upon Chancellor Angela Merkel to deal with the ongoing sanctions since between 3000 and 5000 German businesses happen to be strongly impacted by Russia's retaliatory actions fond of European imports.
As the Swiss central bank proved on Thursday, nations are quickly dissolving enough where it's every country for itself, with this particular crack in what was once an excellent unity providing opportunities to get a country like Russia to add fuel for the fire and potentially accelerate the breakup from the EU coalition. And if Greece for the off chance finds this offer by Russia amenable, then the full breakup in the EU is currently in website play, and can also result in detrimental effects against America since the breakup of NATO along with the dollar too become real and viable options.

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